Lion Heart Foundation


New Country Director

During their last visit to Yele, the board appointed Gibrilla Jalloh as Country Director of the INGO Lion Heart Foundation. Gibrilla takes over from Ruurd van Rooijen, who served in this role for the last 3 years. Ruurd will remain facility manager of the LHMC until October 1st.

Gibrilla fled Sierra Leone during the civil war and ended up in The Netherlands. Initially he played soccer at a semi-professional level, but an injury forced him to stop. He decided to take up the study books and accomplished both a Bachelor’s degree from The Hague Law School and a Master’s degree from the University of Kent in International Law.
However, Gibrilla wanted to help his home country and returned to Sierra Leone one and a half year ago. We are very pleased that Gibrilla represents Lion Heart now and are confident he will do a great job.

Thank you Ruurd and good luck Gibrilla!

De belevenissen van de familie Bussink in Yele.
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